Our commitment to our Black siblings

Brothers, Siblings, and Sisters All,

The national leadership of St. Anthony Hall is committed to supporting and affirming our Siblings from marginalized groups. Today, when the evil of institutional racism is so violently apparent, we particularly want to reaffirm our commitment to our Black siblings.

The Hall’s historical record of being the safe and supportive community that our Black siblings have looked for is spotty, at best. We, the national leaders of Delta Psi, acknowledge and apologize for our shortcomings to our Black siblings, who are in real pain right now. Overcoming these shortcomings is an urgent necessity for our Order and a fundamental goal for us. We want to do what needs to be done to combat institutional racism and work towards creating safer and increasingly loving environments for our Black siblings, including all those who took risks in joining the Hall early on, those who only recently swore the oaths that bind us all, and those we haven’t met yet.

To do this, we need help. Our Order needs to prioritize having the difficult conversations we have neglected having. We need our predominantly white membership to implement racial equity initiatives to hold our systems and culture accountable. We need anti-racism training at our GC meetings each January and at our 1-2-3 leadership training conferences each fall. We need more representation of our Black siblings and siblings of color in national leadership, on the GC, and on committees.

We also need our majority-white membership to ask the very hard questions that lead to introspection and discomfort. This starts, as every advance in the Hall does, at the local level and with local leadership.

The G.C. Officers promise to initiate and be a conduit for those conversations, and to keep the oaths we all promised to every Sibling, but often have neglected to keep for some of our most oppressed. Work has already started, albeit not in very public ways. May this be our public promise, for which we should be held accountable going forward.


Geoffrey Walker
Nic Hammond
Jordan Price
Peter Wender
Rob Ames
Angélica María Vielma