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About St. Anthony Hall

A Brief History

St. Anthony Hall was founded as the Fraternity of Delta Psi on January 17, 1847, at Columbia University in New York. As such, its patron saint is St. Anthony. It began as a true fraternity dedicated to the love of education and the well being of its members. Chapters were soon founded throughout the Northeast, and extended into the South during the mid-1800s.

Unfortunately, during the Civil War, contact was lost with the Southern chapters. Many members wore their badges into battle, serving with distinction on both sides, and were often reunited in both pleasant and antagonistic situations throughout the war. After the War, some Southern chapters rejoined the Grand Chapter, while still more were founded in the South.

Similarly, members of the order took part in both the First and Second World Wars. Many honorable lives were lost, and the fraternity faced crises during each of these conflicts. St. Anthony Hall continued to prosper, however, in their aftermath. The Chapter Halls were always open and waiting for brethren to return from the front.

More recently, St. Anthony Hall became one of the first fraternal organizations to accept women, beginning at Yale in the late 1960s. Chapters can now admit women at their election. While we use the Greek name "Delta Psi," we are traditionally known as "St. Anthony Hall" and we use that name nationally to emphasize the consistency of our traditions. We remain to this day a group of college students interested in the bonds of fraternity and sharing a common passion for the love of learning and the appreciation of a well-rounded education.

About Our Organization

As well as being an undergraduate society, we are also part of a tight national organization comprising 11 undergraduate chapters, numerous alumni organizations around the world, and a national educational institution (SAEF, the St. Anthony Educational Foundation), among others.

Our undergraduate chapters include the following:
  • Alpha: Columbia University (New York, NY)
  • Delta: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Epsilon: Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
  • Iota: University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) 
  • Theta: Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
  • Kappa: Brown University (Providence, RI )
  • Xi: University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Phi: University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS)
  • Upsilon: University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
  • Sigma: Yale University (New Haven, CT)
  • Tau: Massachussetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

Each chapter of St. Anthony Hall has its own distinct traditions, activities, and general identity - making our active undergraduates a diverse group. As students matriculate, they become a part of our broader alumni network both online and in the real world. No St. Anthony Hall sister or brother is ever too far from other St. As. Alumni organizations exist to ensure that all alumni are kept in touch, and that the undergraduates have a range of alumni to support and counsel them. Other graduate clubs and associations ensure that alumni not near a chapter can still participate in social and networking events.

Once a year we meet to discuss the business of the fraternity; but, more importantly, to let members from all over the country learn from each other for a few days. When not in session, our national officers oversee the national staff in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to ensure the smooth functioning of the National and its various components and to attempt to provide such support to local chapters and alumni groups as those autonomous chapters and groups request.