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Precepts of St. Anthony

A statement of principles shared by the members of St. Anthony Hall.

We believe learning is a life-long process we engage in together with our brothers and sisters.

St. Anthony Hall’s primary purposes are to form lasting relationships which enrich our members throughout their lives and to further the intellectual growth of its members. We recognize that younger members benefit from the life experience of older members and that older members similarly benefit from the exploration and enthusiasm of our younger members. We consider our membership to be lifelong and that we are each personally obligated to participate in the Hall and our communities.

We believe learning requires exploration and we create that learning environment within our chapter communities.

We value the opportunity to be members of the learning communities at the institutions where our chapters meet. St. Anthony Hall is dedicated to its members’ academic learning. We expect each member to strive for academic excellence, for that is the purpose of attending an academic institution. We recognize there are many other kinds of learning - social, athletic, artistic, among others - all of which are important to our members. We also recognize academic exploration is a life-long process of forming theories, testing them and building upon them. Because of the life-long process and learning’s many forms, we strive to create a learning environment where such explorations can occur within the family of our members. Such an environment cannot be created where any member is asked to humiliate
themselves in anyway - hazing is not tolerated.2

We build bonds of trust among our members to support each other's learning.

We recognize the essence of trust is knowing each of our members shares basic respect for the views, opinions and lives of other people and, particularly, of our other members. We expect our members to live lives in which they extend common courtesy not only to each other but to everyone they meet. Members can be distinguished by the care they take in treating other people as they themselves wish to be treated. This courtesy, or fidelity to society's most basic norms, provides a foundation of trust on which all of our members' other learning is based.


  • We expect members to confront each other with their mutual problems and to seek mutual solutions without rancor before seeking other dispute resolutions.
  • We do not engage in physical altercations or abuse of any kind. Fighting, striking a
    fellow member or touching another member in an unwelcome manner is not condoned.

We use our different talents and perspectives respectfully to help us learn and grow Hall members come from all walks of life from all over the world.

Our members understand that different backgrounds give us many different perspectives and talents. Rather than focusing on the conflict that differences sometimes create, we focus on the learning opportunities those differences create and on the benefits those different talents provide.

We live lives of moderation.

We understand the many benefits and experiences our lives bring to us. As members of academic communities where many resources are uniquely available, we understand overuse of any resource is a temptation to which we cannot afford to succumb. Just as St. Anthony shunned his visions in the desert, we understand the value of enjoying all that life brings to us while recognizing the need to discipline ourselves against any excess. We encourage members to seek out life’s higher pleasures and to shun all excess, whether in pure learning or more mundane matters such as eating, drinking or relationships. When we find members having difficulty with that discipline, we take measures to teach that discipline to our members, to guide members to seek better teachers or, where needed, treatment for
such disease as cannot be addressed by such teaching.5


  • We do not serve alcohol at any function where the primary purpose is to attract potential members.
  • We do not allow alcohol at any part of the initiation process.
  • Undergraduate chapters do not serve alcohol except to persons of legal age and then only where there is appropriate supervision to ensure legal service, such as through a written guest list to enable such supervision.
  • We do not use or support the use of illegal drugs.
  • We do not tolerate, condone or allow any form of abusive behavior among members, whether based on race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or any other basis.

We are good citizens.

As members of some of the United States' oldest academic institutions and members of one of the oldest fraternities in the country, we recognize our association must have some higher purpose since "to whom much is given, much is expected." Thus, we recognize each member has a personal responsibility to use the resources and talents made available to him or her through the Hall to improve his or her community. Similarly, we recognize we cannot allow ourselves to use those resources in a manner inconsistent with the duty of any citizen to obey the social contract, whether the contract is represented by the Constitution or by local laws and regulations. To that end, we confront with brotherly and sisterly firmness those members who break those laws without expecting to face the legitimate


  • Members pay their Hall obligations promptly to enable the financially sound operation of Hall entities.
  • All Hall facilities regularly verify they are in full compliance with all applicable institutional, local and state fire and health codes and standards and take all reasonable steps to ensure continued compliance.
  • Hall-related entities may use their funds to purchase alcohol only where the event complies with all applicable federal, state, local and institutional laws and/or regulations, where such compliance can be verified, and then only where verifiable steps are taken to ensure only persons legally permitted to consume are served.
  • We do not permit any Hall entity or Hall member to purchase alcohol that will be served to minors in violation of any institutional, local, state or federal regulation, rule or law.
  • We do not participate in, or permit or encourage any Hall-related entity to sponsor, any event in which alcohol may be served illegally or which might tend in any way to lead to the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • We do not permit any Hall member to possess illegal items on property owned or rented by a Hall entity, including, but not limited to, unprescribed controlled substances, firearms (where prohibited) or explosives.

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