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Our Values

St. Anthony Hall is a vibrant, multi-faceted organization that has supported the academic and leadership development of our members for more than 170 years. With fewer than a dozen chapters from Massachusetts to Mississippi, we are tightly connected through a national leadership organization, a working executive committee, an administrative headquarters, a tax-exempt educational foundation, chapter graduate organizations, and regional alumni associations.



We want our members to have:

  • Opportunity to be part of a caring community that offers solid, even intense, friendships—an increasingly important basis of support for young people in today’s often impersonal campus environments.
  • Opportunity to develop self-confidence in relationships with others and in communicating with others in speech, text, and art in a safe environment—values that are increasingly difficult to find and live by in today’s world.
  • Opportunity to learn traditions and embody loyalties, and to grasp a sense of one’s historic place in a larger setting—in an intimate way not otherwise available on the modern, fast-paced campus.
  • Opportunity to develop long-term personal and professional relationships that can add much to our members’ lives.